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Marvel Knowledge Quiz

This quiz will show you how much you know about certain Marvel facts. I will make more soon. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Teen Beach Movie

I can't stop singing. ~ 10 questions ~ Copyright ©2015 by Taking Adventures
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Harry Potter Knowledge Quiz

How much do you know about Harry Potter? Try to answer all these questions correctly. If you have any ideas for my quizzes let me know.

Guess the Disney movie by concept art

🙌50 QUESTIONS🙌 We love the Disney characters we know today, but sometimes these beloved figures looked a liiiiittle different from what we know them as. Can you figure out what movie the concept design belongs to? Some might be easy, others are a little harder to guess.

Disney Random Knowledge Quiz

Just a little quiz about Disney random knowledge because I love Disney!

Johnny Depp: match the quote to the character ll

(check out part l on my page)👀 Johnny Depp has got some pretty memorable characters under his belt!! One of the reasons why these characters are so great are because of the amazing lines they delivered! Let's see how much you can remember, shall we? Simply match the character to the quote, good ...

Johnny Depp: match the quote to the character

(check out part ll on my page)👀 We all know that Johnny Depp is the master of transformations!! And although all his characters are pretty damn amazing, we all have our favorite... Don't deny it. Great characters come with even greater quotes! But do you know who said what!? Find out with this t...

LOTR Knowledge [Hard]

This quiz covers information about characters that are mentioned in the Lord of the rings books. But some of the answers are found in the Silmarillion. I tried to make it hard. Enjoy!

Finish the Disney song

Do you sing along to every Disney song, knowing all the words by heart? Orrr are you one of those people who mumbles some words under their breath (I'm calling myself out...) Let's test your sing-along skills with this quiz!!! 🎶 🔸Level: Disney is my second home🔸

Harry Potter knowledge quiz

Hp knowledge quiz, this is tricky, you have been warned!

The Clone Army Knowledge Quiz! (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

This quiz will test your knowledge on all things Clone Army! From iconic Clones, to the different armies of the Republic, I hope you enjoy this little challenge! SPOILERS FOR THE CLONE WARS SEASON 1-7 AND THE BAD BATCH. DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ IF YOU AREN'T CAUGHT UP

Who Said it? -HtTYD 2

Can you recognize who said these phrases from the second HtTYD movie? Find out in this quiz!

Only true marvel fans can score 100% PART 2!

I have made a part 2 of this quiz! For all the Marvel fans, take this quiz to test your knowledge!

The 100 Knowledge Quiz!

(careful! There may be spoilers!)
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