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Which Harry Potter Boy is Your Soulmate? *With Story!*

Have you ever wondered which Harry Potter boy would fall madly in love with you? It's time to find out! Which wizard (Harry, Ron, Seamus, Draco, or Neville) will steal your heart?

Harry Potter Life | (Long Result)

GIRLS ONLY QUIZ! (I have made an update to the quiz. It was quite rush but I still hope you enjoy the quiz) This is your Harry Potter life! I tried to make it fun and legit! I hope the result is long enough for your liking since I am one who also loves the result to be long.
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Sleep over in Harry potter

You are having a sleep over with Harry,Ron,Luna,Ginny,Hermione and I don't know why Malfoy was invited

Locked in a room with Harry Potter characters

You get locked into a room with Harry Potter characters. 11 different endings/answers. What kind of relationships will you end up making? Enjoy! People you can get: Harry Potter, Ron, Charlie, Bill, Fred and George Weasley, Draco and, Neville Longbottom, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum or Oliver Wood

Hogwarts Seven Minutes in Heaven

I love taking these quizzes so I made my own XD Find out which boy (from the trio generation) you would spend seven minutes with in Hogwarts ;)

Who are YOU to the Weasley Twins?.

Ever wonder who YOU are to the Weasley twins.. Well This quiz will tell you!! Are you A signifigant other or do they hate your guts??? Find out now! In this quiz!

Hogwarts Life

HI! Welcome to my first quiz! The results include HP significant others that are boys, so if you are not attracted to guys, I'm sorry :/.

Your Yule Ball Date 3

**for the straight girls and the gays 🤍 •if you would one for the boys and the lesbian i’d be more than happy to make one just comment ✨🥺
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