What is your Kpop scandal?

If you were a Kpop idol what kind of scandal would you get into? Dating scandal? Bullying scandal? Take this quiz to find out!

What Your KPop Biases Say About You

This is a quiz for multifandoms! I would not recommend you take this quiz if you only stan a few groups! Please do not take this too seriously! Your results probably will not be accurate, idc, when making them I just spat out whatever bs I could think of. This quiz will not include any bands or 1st/...

ur kpop idol life !

what would ur idol life be ? (this is my first quiz , sorry if its bad lmao)

Choose some Songs and get a male Kpop Idol

Hey this is my first quiz and a bit random, but I hope you'll enjoy it. (Sorry for seperating every single NCT Unit but they're my ults and I couldn't resist :)) Have fun<3

Which 3rd gen kpop group are you ?

Take this quiz and see which 3rd gen idol group are you...💝🥰 Do comment ur fav 3rd gen idols

Which male kpop idol would fall for you?

A fun quiz I made for you to find out which male kpop idol would fall for you, hope you like it ♥ For more kpop related stuff check out my tumblr @kpopreactionuniverse

Choose some kpop memes and get an outfit Pt.2

If you are having a bad time than take this quiz, not for outfit, but for memes, they will surely make you laugh!

Which Enhypen member are you most like?

Quiz to find which Enhypen member you're most similar to! Hope you enjoy it and find the results accurate!

Plan Your KPop Debut And Get a Stage Outfit and Concept

Title says it all. Have fun and don't take this too seriously please. If you don't like your stage outfit then you should have chosen different answers
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