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Guess the Singer!

Can you correctly guess all of these famous singers?? Don't worry, I kept it to well known celebrities!

Which female singer is similar to you

do you like songs? i do too! songs are my lifestyle! so lets go and check which singer is similer to you! ig iexrozila
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Pick some outfits and get an artist to listen to

You basically pick some artists' outfits and then you get the artist with whom you have similar style to listen to their music *i do not own any of the pictures*

Guess the (Kpop) song by emoji

I'm really tired right now, so sorry for lack of information. Title says it all, and God Bless! - Geek Girl

which taylor swift album are you?

taylor swift is perhaps one of the most talented artists of our generation. with nine groundbreaking albums and re-recordings coming soon, swift has the world in a chokehold, and i am not complaining. which of her incredible albums are you most like? take this quiz to find out!

choose some options and i'll give you a song similar to lana del rey's ones

just select options relatable to your preferences and in the end, get a song which is similar to lana del rey's works

Guess the 1D member's solo song - PART 2

Zayn included, this is part 2 which is harder. Only true directioners will get full! Hope you like it.

Kidnapped and One Direction LONG RESULTS *NOT DONE!*

You are kidnapped (Not by one direction). Who from One Direction will save you? LONG RESULTS! Includes who you were kidnapped by, why you were kidnapped, who saves you, and what happens after.

Which song did Why Don't We write for you?

Interviewer: And how were you inspired to write this song? Daniel: We actually wrote it for our best friend, Y/N Jack: Yo, she's amazing Jonah: Yeah, we wrote it for her Interviewer: Oh, really? Tell me more about it...
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