Which of the emo quartet bands are you?

I mean, if you have ever wondered, you can take this quiz! I'm not guaranteeing that the results will be accurate!

This Or That? (Music Editon)

This Or That? (Music Edition). This is gonna be a little different than my other This Or That?s, but I still think it's a good quiz!

Which My Chemical Romance song are you?

My Chemical Romance is one of my most favourite band. I made this quiz just to see which song actually describes you/your life! I hope you would enjoy this quiz, I apologise if it's boring.

What genre of music are you?

If you were a genre of music, you would be... Rock Pop Punk Rap Classical Country Reggae Pop Punk Punk Rock Metal

What is Your Favorite Band

I will try to guess what is your favorite band (this is just for fun so just go with it :3)

What male singer do you have a crush on?

Can I guess what male singer you have the hots for? Is it Justin Bieber, or could it be Harry Styles? Take my quiz, and find out if I guessed correctly! Let me know if I guessed correctly in the comments!
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