What Should You Do To Avoid Selfharm?

My account was deactivated a while back along with this quiz, please take it. I don't want you gone, I want you right here.

What "Emo" song describes you?

Should be fun! I love all sorts of songs, so there will be a bit of diversity. This will include bands like Panic! At the Disco, All Time Low, Twenty One Pilots, Black Veil Brides, etc. I hope you enjoy! This probably won't be that accurate, but it will be fun anyways. (Warning: Could be slightl...

Answer These questions and I'll Give You a Band

(Sorry for the short quiz LOLZ) Anyways hey! There are bands like MCR and Wallows included.

What song is meant for you?

What song is meant for you? A song from Sleeping with Sirens? Or Black veil Bride? Or pierce the veil? Suicide silence? And then I turned seven? Take the quiz and find out!
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