Pick some images and get a new name

Mostly enby sorta names but I think they could fit anyone :) feel free to request more names!

What Core Aesthetic Are You?

There is a genre of typically unusual aesthetics originating mostly on Tumblr involving the suffix "core". Of 12 different core aesthetics selected, which one fits you the best?

What's Your 'Core' Aesthetic? (Loads of Results)

Are you Cottagecore or Goblincore? Angelcore or kidcore? Take this quiz to find out your true aesthetic! (Mainly for feminine presenting people❤️)

which -core are you?

~ come have some fun in the stars with me ~ a funky little quiz with results of aesthetics I don't see get asked or given on quizzes here who knows, maybe you'll find a new aesthetic to get into!

Which 'Dream Team' House Are You In? (Mcyt x Hp)

Which 'Dream Team' house do you belong in? There are 4 houses, the house of Dream, the house of Sapnap, the house of GeorgeNotFound and the house of BadBoyHalo. Please, take a seat, and enjoy the quiz <3

What's your Common & Rare Aesthetic?

hey, wanna know you Common & Rare Aesthetic?, click here!!

What is Your Style? 2020 edition :)

Not knowing what style you are can be really frustrating, and when all online quizzes only have clothes that were popular in 2015, finding out what you like get be challenging. I’ve created this quiz to try and help you! (Disclaimer - the clothes in this are more feminine, and I obviously couldn’t f...

wut is ur aesthetic ? ~

this little quiz will tell u which of these aesthetics u resemble most closely : ~ angelcore, cottagecore, dreamcore, fairycore, lovecore, or nostalgiacore ~ ( pls remember to not take this too seriously ) 🥰

who should you follow on instagram? (based on your aesthetic)

choose between different aesthetic pictures and get someone to follow on insta :)
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