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Are You In Love With Your Best Friend?

Hello! This is a relatively simple quiz to determine if you may have feelings for your best friend. You can disregard the cover art. It was used since this is a remake (hopefully a more accurate version) of a quiz that YouTuber Dream took on a podcast recently. Don't worry about the result you g...
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Dream SMP boyfriend edition

i was bored and made this, ! disclamer if any Of the people included in this quiz are uncomfortable i will take it down as soon as i can !

What Eddsworld Character Loves You?

If you’re unsure of which one to fangirl over (despite the obvious answer being Matt), or you’re already pining after one of the boys, or if you’re just taking this for fun, I hope that you enjoy this unique(ish) spin on this quiz type! All art not from the cannon show is by sarcasmprodigy.tumblr.co...

Who Is Your Can You keep A secret Boyfriend?

Who Is Your Boyfriend from InquisitorMaster's Royale High Series ''can You keep A secret?''

Who is our Famous Boyfriend?

Results include Jordan Fisher, Tom Holland, Jacob Elordi, Shawn Mendes, and Noah Centineo. Story included

Who Is Your Singer Boyfriend?

Wanna know what singer is for you? Take this quiz! Includes: shawn mendes, ed sheeran, harry styles, zayn malik, niall horan, liam payne, justin bieber, bruno mars, the weeknd, nick jonas

Bake a cake find a date! *celebs*

Basically just go through the quiz to build/decorate a cake! In the end your results will be a celeb boyfriend! I tried to do all different people so results include: Myles Parrish: Rapper Kalin White: singer Brett Eldredge: Country singer Lucas Bernardini: Model Channing Tatum: Actor Cameron Dallas...

Your Future Celeb Boyfriend/Girlfriend [Riverdale Cast Version]

I am going to be asking you Questions and each of your answers will lead towards a Riverdale Cast Member. [Also, at the end of this quiz check off the box at the bottom of your to show me your results]

Who is your Super Junior boyfriend? [GIRLS ONLY]

Super junior is a famous korea boy band.. if you don't know them, find in google, youtube or somewhere :D

Youtuber Boyfriend

I know some results aren't working any more Im truly sorry, I finally got this acc back im planning on making a whole new one. This was on of my first quizzes.

Who in TFIL is Your Boyfriend?

Find out who your TFIL boyfriend is! Elton Castee, Brennen Taylor, Corey Scherer, Aaron Doh, Colby Brock, or Sam Golbach? The cover is the only photo I could find of them, sorry for fetus and sorry to Brennen. )-:
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