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Juice WRLD Fan Quiz

How well do you know this young hip hop artist? Well, this is the way to find out! Do you really know the rapper the way you think you do?
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Which famous hot actor will fall in love with you ?(FOR GIRLS )

Includes Zac Efron , Tom Felton , Nick Robinson , Daniel Radcliffe , Cameron Dallas , Bradly Cooper I tried to find people that seemed to be single , can be accurate , depends on you and your choices in future

Kiss, Marry, Kill Celebrity Edition

Kiss Marry Kill, Celebrity editon!! I was just bored and I wanted to make a fun quiz! (I recommend trying it, it gets a little crazy at the end

Which celebrity is your perfect soulmate?

We all have celebrity crushes. But ever wondered who is your perfect soulmate? Find out by taking this short quiz!

Bake a cake find a date! *celebs*

Basically just go through the quiz to build/decorate a cake! In the end your results will be a celeb boyfriend! I tried to do all different people so results include: Myles Parrish: Rapper Kalin White: singer Brett Eldredge: Country singer Lucas Bernardini: Model Channing Tatum: Actor Cameron Dallas...

Do you know Piper Rockelle?

Do you know everything about Piper Rockelle? Take this quiz to find out!

Who are your celebrity parents?

Want to know your celebrity parents? Click and try this quiz. The quiz is mainly based on your interests in music.

Guess The Celebrity By Their Baby Picture

In this quiz: I will show you a baby picture of a celebrity, along with their occupation, You will then have to choose between 2 celebrity names and make your guess as to which celebrity you think it is. Enjoy! The celebrities included in this quiz are: Actors & Actresses, and a few YouTubers &a...

What should you post on Instagram?

We all run out of content some point and we rarely even post if we’re not a celebrity or famous. So what should you instagram on your Instagram?
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