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Are you Emo Trash?

This is a shout out to one of Cherry Chipmunk's friends, Apple. They saw Cherry on their account and were dying to make a quiz. This was the final outcome. Hope you are not too mortified. Enjoy
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Are you a Phan?

Do you know your stuff about these two British YouTubers? Take the quiz to find out :) By the way, this is my first quiz so please don't tell me how stupid it is, I already know :P.

Are you more like Dan or Phil

Are you cute and shy like Phil or are you meme trash like Dan? I'm sorry if there are any gramatical errors or if the answer you get is inacurate

Are you Dan or Phil!

Are you Dan, the funny cool failure, or Phil, the cute and naive lion?

Would Dan Howell Date You? Updated 2017.

This is an updated quiz about whether or not Dan Howell would date you. It asks more about personality and isn't full of old memes. Obviously not factual, but FUN AND INTERESTING!

Are you more like dan or phil

Read the title again and that's about it (not meant to be very good just me being bored)

How well do you know Howell?

The challenging 30 question quiz that proves you are the ultimate danosaur! (all answers can be found on: Dan's V-Yous, Videos, and his wikipedia page) Questions: @dansllamas on twitter :)

All about dan and phil

All about danisnotonfire and amazingphil! if you do not know these.. then 1. they are youtubers. and 2 WHAT IS YOUR LIFE! WARNING: DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ IS YOU ARE NOT IN THE PHANDOM

Hey, guys! - How much do you know about AmazingPhil?

I made a similar quiz about Dan but I thought there should also be one about Phil because as we all know: He's Amazing :) So, what do you know about him? :D (I think this is going to be more difficult than the one about Dan because Phil has much more videos)

Phandom Quiz!

How well do YOU know Dan and Phil? Take the test NOW!

The hat ...

Lets see how much you know about the grossest phanfictions out there.
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