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Guess The DreamSMP Member By The Quote

The title pretty much says it all. But for further description, in this quiz I will say some quotes said by DreamSMP members and you have to try and guess who said it. Please take note that some of these quotes may not have been said inside the SMP but said by people who have joined it.
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Which 'Dream SMP' Youtuber Are You?

Which Minecraft Youtuber do YOU think you are? Will your answer differ from who thought you would get?

Which Baldi's Basics character are you? (NEW CAMPING CHARACTERS UPDATE!)

(This quiz has spoilers, and none of these images are mine) Do you know that indie horror game most youtubers have played? Well, this is the first Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning personality quiz on Quotev! Thank you guys for 10,000 quiz takers, you all are the best! Also a big thanks t...

Will Yandere-Chan Eliminate You?

Yea, I've been looking at a lot of Yandere memes lately, so I really wanted to make this. If you love Yandere, you'll love this, too.

Among Us Memes To Make You Laugh!

Some funny memes that I found! All for entertaining your depressed soul! What else you waiting for? Click the quiz, c'mon!

Guess The Steam Game!

I play a lot of games on Steam, can you guess the ones from my favorites category? <.< Probably! Have fun <3

What Among Us color are you?

This can either be which color you're meant to be, or me guessing your color. Tell me if I'm right!

How Good are you At Animal Jam?

This will tell you how good you are at animal jam. Sorry im not trying to offend anyone.

Do You Even FNAF? (Made With Vare)

Are You A FNAF Expert? Or Are You An Addict To The Plot?Take This Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On The FNAF Game.( This Quiz Is Still In Editing)

Is your OC a Mary/Gary Sue?

Is your OC a good OC or do you still need to work on it? This is my first quiz ever, so sorry if it's bad :3

What SMG4 character are you?

Find out which SMG4 character yOu are!

True pacifist, Genocide or Neutral?

Is your heart full of DETERMANTION or full of LOVE? Or the power of mean girls? God bless y'all and have a great day!!!
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