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Your role in a fantasy novel (now gender neutral!)

Ever wondered who you would be in a fantasy world? Take this quiz to journey to an enchanted world and discover your place there. Quiz is suitable for boys, girls and all my non-binary friends!!!

Adventure Chapter 2, 7

Another old colleague joins your team and aids in your grand escape. A sequel to Chapter 2, 6...
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What Tangled the Series Character Are you?

What Tangled the Series Character are you most like? Take this quiz and find out :D

Who wold you date in Middle Earth

This quiz gives you a short description of how your life would be, what race would you belong to, and of course, like the title says, who would you end up with if you lived in Middle Earth

Which Mythological Creature are you?

What creature from worldwide mythology best matches your unique personality? Take this quiz to find out!

Which knick knack character are you?

How's it going?, find out which character you are from the Pixar short film.

Adventure Chapter 2, 6

Waking up in an odd prison, you have little time left before the inevitable. The clock is ticking. A sequel to Chapter 2, 5...

Your wolf life

Go on an adventure and see what you'd be like if you were a wolf! Result includes appearance, personality, rank and quote!✨🐺✨

Adventure Chapter 2, 3

You get a chance to inspect Prin's home, some clues may help you determine who Prin's father is, or even who Prin is himself. A sequel to Chapter 2, 3.

What Story Was Written For You?

What lies on the back of your book jacket... Crime, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Comedy or Adventure - where does your story stray?

Adventure 2

From a strange encounter, you enter a strange land...

Adventure: Chapter 2

Continuing from your narrow escape out of the church, you land in a surprising place, awakening from a dark slumber... Welome to chapter two.

Adventure 3

What does this menacing man want with me? What does the General mean? And where is Prin? A sequel to Adventure 2.

What book (series) should you read?

Four little-known books (two of them series) that I think more people should read. Also I just don't wanna be the only one in these non-existent fandoms :/
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