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Which North African Countryhuman are you?

Wow I finally finished!! endless apologies for being so late with it! I guess I have a life now... I have more coming!! there are about 22 countries in this one so have fun, and be sure to read questions 1 and 21; thank you!!!
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What country are you most like?

(None of the art shown is mine!), Btw do you know your country... of course you do, but what about the country you act like...LET'S GO AND SEE!

Are you country or city

Ever wondered if you where country or city or even a mix of both?

Which Nordic Squad Countryhuman are you?

Here’s this because I’m working (mind you procrastinating) on another quiz currently- I need to do that- oh well, have fun.

Countryhumans - Which Allies/Axis country would you be?

Possible results: USA, USSR, UK, France, TR, Fascist Italy, Japanese Empire

What ASEAN family think about you (countryhumans)

You come with me, sky hunt go to asean family house. They will see and Sizing you up. Good luck!

Which East Asian Countryhuman are you?

Hia, thanks for clicking this quiz. Idk what else to put here except I hope you enjoy, none of the art here is mine, leave any suggestions in the comments. I will be doing more quizzes like this later! ✨✨✨

Mal, Phil, or Indo? Which are you- Countryhumans

Hey! Welcome to this quiz! I hope you enjoy it, I don't really have anything else to say so… yeah. None of the art used is mine, Btw follow if you like it, I’ve got more coming and already have quite a bit here (*´꒳`*)🌸✨

Are you a Cowgirl,Country girl or City girl ?

There is a big difference between being a country girl and being a cowgirl . But there is a much bigger difference between them and being a city girl ! Find out which one you really are !

Which South American Country are you?

Hello hello! If you chose to click on this, thanks. I’ll be posting more soon, comment which continent you would like next and all that stuff. If you want a Spanish version Lemmie know (just because it’s South America and stuff)- now here’s the previous sentence in Spanish: Si quieres una versión en...

Which North American Countryhuman are you?

Hey my lovelies! I see that you’ve decided to read the description. This quiz includes Greenland because he’s around there. Well, I hope you love it, because I think it’s trash. Comment which continent you would like next, and I will get an overall of your ideas, and make it happen!
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