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Which Emotion Rules Your Brain? (from Inside Out)

Everyone has Anger, Sadness, Joy, Disgust and Fear inside their brain, but which one is the leader in yours? As you know, in the movie, Riley's mom has Sadness ruling, while Riley's father has Anger and Riley has Joy... I wonder what that means
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What’s your true emotion?

what do you feel inside (kinda personality test) :)))

What emotion lies behind your eyes?

What emotion lies behind your eyes? Find out in this fun personality quiz!

EQ test. Test your Emotional Quotient

Find out how good you are at reading other's facial expression.

What is your magical power?

In the magic realm, there are many types of magic that a mage can possess in order to survive. Which one do you possess? Are you an encephalonial magic user, or perhaps elemental? Maybe you're incredible enough to claim the honor that comes with celestial magic. Take this detailed quiz to discov...

Are you psycho?

Are you plain normal or a hidden monster? (This quiz is just for fun... like most quizzes on this site. Artistic license if you will. Just don't freak out.)

Do you have jealousy issues?

Do you have jealousy issues, or you just feel normally jealous. Jealousy issues means you feel overly jealous at someone and it's horrible.

Which Emotion From Inside Out Are You?

Are you more like Joy or Sadness, from Disney Pixar's Inside Out, or something in-between? Find out by taking this quiz! Inspired by DENROPHILE and 30 others quiz 'Which Emotion Rules Your Brain? (from Inside Out)'.

What is Your Soul's Main Emotion?

In Undertale, you have a red soul, one filled with determination. However, in real life, would you have determination, or would you have a different colored soul? Take this quiz and find out!

Are you possessed?

This quiz lists symptoms of demon/spirit possession so it's pretty basic. It's -just for fun!-

Inside out - Which emotion are you?

Which inside out emotion are you? This is my first quiz so thanks for taking it and I hope you enjoy :)

What should you do about the demons in your head?

We all know that demon infestations in your head can be bad. But is your demon infestation so bad that you have do something about it because there’s no way you could possibly take care of it by yourself? Take this quiz to find out...

Who are you in your friend group?

Whether you want it or not, most of us end up in a dysfunctional friend group of weirdos. It's okay. It's normal. Which one of that group are you?

Feel like letting some anger out?

Hello, my fellow want to be arsonists. Just kidding. Want to let some anger out or have a thing for fire? Then, this is the quiz for you. I hope you enjoy.
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