You're a super: so what's your power?

Humans have not unlocked their full brain capacity, right? So what if every single one of us actually has super powers we just haven't figured out how to access that part of our brain yet. Find out what super power is running through your veins right now.

Superpower Generator!

You ever wanted to have your own superpower? Well, now you can! Just step inside this Superpower Generator, answer some questions, and we'll see what awakens inside you! We'll also determine your allignment...are you a hero, a villian, or a hidden neutral?

Your Avengers life!

Ever thought how would your life be if you were in Marvel universe? Let's find out. Includes all the Avengers, plus Loki and Winter Solider. This quiz is for females. VERY LONG RESULTS! ♥

Which M. Night Shyamalan character are you ?

So, after the quiz to find out which of his films matched the most to your life, I decided to make a more precise one by focusing this time on the characters. Enjoy !

Which Miraculous OC Are You?

Take this quiz to see which miraculous from my miracle box you would have! *Mild spoilers for the show*

Your young justice life

Yep title says it all, also I kept thing gender neutral so everyone can take it.

Are you a SHIELD agent or a HYDRA agent?

This is a story based mission to test the psychological profile of new recruits. We have organized 13 questions to ascertain which faction suits you. The final question is the hardest.
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