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What were you in your Past Life?

What were you in your past life? When people still believed in real magic. You can be a witch/wizard, a healer, a vampire, an angel and a demon or just a normal human. Take this quiz to know!

Which Angel of The Universe are You?

(Cover art not mine) Which Angel that controls the elements of the universe are you? Find out here! [Also, this is from my fic concept]
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Does Charles like you?

Does my Oc like you? That is for you to answer and try and see, i might make this longer at some point.

What's Your Gift?

Every Gift is a little bit different. Sometimes we're born with them, other times we're given them. Sometimes, we attach them to ourselves, or they choose us. So, what Gift do you possess, and how will you choose to use it?

Are you a TRUE Supernatural fan?

This quiz will determine if you are a true fan of Supernatural

What Vamprie Would You Be?

Every true horror fan has lain awake at night wondering if they’re more of a Dracula or an Edward Cullen. Fortunately, the stars are even older than some of the Earth's most daunting vampires and are here to help you figure out which vampire you are.

What monster lies within you?

All of us have a powerful soul. A soul that pulses with the presence of a supernatural being, too. But which being lies in the depths of your soul, calling for the Otherworlds?

Which Fae Court do you Belong to?

Gnarled oak and sprouting buds populate the forest floor. Are they verdant green and alive or tipped in ice, barren and isolated? Do they light afire and die at your feet? The Fae world is an unforgiving one, a realm filled with power across strange beings who help or destroy. Which are you?

What Supernatural Being Did You Befriend?

What supernatural being did you befriend on your late-night stroll to that doughnut shop that never seems to be closed?

Supernatural Life Quiz

Wanna know what it’s like to join the hunt? Save people, hunt things, the family business? Come find out! (Season 15 spoilers included)

What Is Your Magickal Oddity?

☽─── ・ 。゚☆: *. Certain creative minds are born with an "oddity": a small and magickal "quirk" that is a manifestation of their individuality (basically a super power). Few have this unique power and fewer still manage to unlock it in their life time. For those of you who have an oddi...

Your wolf life

Go on an adventure and see what you'd be like if you were a wolf! Result includes appearance, personality, rank and quote!✨🐺✨

Do you have a demon or an angel protecting you?

Is your guardian an angel or a demon? Or... A Fallen angel? Do you even have one? Take this fun quiz to find out! :)

Who's your fictional soulmate?

Characters from The Vampire diaries, teen wolf, supernatural, and more are included. Which one of them is your soulmate?
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