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South Daisy Orphanage for fairies

All you can remember of your past is a slice of pink smoked salmon as you arrive at South Daisy Orphanage for fairies. But should you even be here? You should be at a nice area that'll help you calm and remember. But your fairy guardians have other plans...and they aren't too pleasant.

Doomsday: Episode 7

After a near-death experience with a curse, you meet the missing Penelope. Things escalate, and a new secret emerges about the world you live in, a secret that threatens everything. Choose your reactions wisely, but most importantly: Survive this Doomsday.
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Doomsday: Episode 1

Imagine another mundane day at High School, just another normal day, when all of a sudden your being chased by undead creatures. This is the beginning of a series of apocalyptic episodes that will follow Your choices throughout a post-apocalypse world. Will you survive this Doomsday?

The Staircase

14 years ago, your father was killed brutally in the school he worked in. Nobody ever found the person or the thing who was responsible for his death. Now, as his child, you are going to find the reason for his death Best of luck.

Doomsday: Episode 4

Days after the end of civilization, the infected undead are everywhere in the city. The group decides it's time to move on. However, the city is filled with cursed and the roads leading out are no different. Choose your reactions wisely, but most importantly: Survive this Doomsday.

Doomsday: Episode 2

After escaping the attack at your school in Episode 1, you tag along with a group of survivors. When the vehicle your riding in starts to have issues, the group finds itself in a dilemma. You can help the others advert the crisis, but to what cost? Choose your reactions wisely, but most importantly:...

Doomsday: Episode 3

After a abnormal day of running from undead creatures in Episode 1 and Episode 2, you wake up to yet another day of undead creatures. Given the task to travel with the group to search for useful materials. However, terrible incidents occur and it leads to uncertain circumstances. Choose your reactio...

Doomsday: Episode 5

A day after discovering the farm, the group decides to have one normal day. However, life in the apocalypse must go on. Choose your reactions wisely, but most importantly: Survive this Doomsday.

Doomsday: Episode 6

After traveling from the farm the group arrives in a town where everything looks peaceful, at least from the first glance. While running through what was thought to be abandoned apartment building, trouble arises around any and every corner. If your not careful, you could make a deadly mistake. Choo...

Where on Earth would you end up lost?

No one knows where they'll cross paths with. Let's assume you got lost while travelling somewhere you pleased, but do you have a clue where on earth you'll end up?

The Proxy Chronicles |Part 17|

Slenderman decides to go a little "easy" on your punishment. At the same time, tension rises within your group, especially between Masky and Hoodie

What type of story would you be in?

What the title says, includes your role in the story. It's cooler than it looks, honest!

Doomsday: Episode 8

After being taken away to Penelope's secret hideout, you learn to cope with the idea that your group might not be coming back alive, or in one piece. Until, you were given hope that there might be a way to save your group. Choose your reactions wisely, but most importantly: Survive this Doomsday...


Welcome to sanctuary! You've been hired to take care of some of the patience here. Shall we start?

Which Adventure Time Character Is Your Hitman?

You're not as perfect as you think you are. You're infamous in the land of Ooo, and someone is going to take you down when you arrive. But who?
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