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Obsession is love - I

Who is your Yandere? Who follows you home? Who laid his eyes on you.. I don't own any picture I used, credits go to the owner. But I own the characters and the story. This is the first chapter of this role-play series.

Which Yandere Is For You? (Part 1)

It all begins with one night...who's the one you've enraptured? None of the images used are mine and there's a Part 2: Which Yandere Is For You? (Part 2)
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When you die, where will your soul go?

When every person dies their soul moves on. But its where that soul goes no one knows.... Heaven.... Hell... A ghost? So where does your soul go after you die?

Your mythical Boyfriend

Who are you dating? The vampire, werewolf, ghost, or angel?

Mythical boyfriend ~Long story~

✖What boy is stalking you and to shy (or full of himself) to talk to you?✖ ~LONG RESULTS~ ~Made this with a friend, she wrote some of the stories. I love her she's amazing~ ♥Love you dolls♥ ~Suzy~

My yandere ex boyfriend : part 2 (roleplay)

My rp yandere not as good as others but I've tried my best, so I hope you will like it :>

Your Mythical Boyfriend

Hello Lovelies.! ♥ So This Is A Mythical Boyfriend Quiz ^^ Like , Vampire ,Demon , Ghost , Etc. ^^ This Is My First Quiz , So Bare With Me If Its Bad ^^ This Is For Everyone , I Guess ^^ ,Also , The Pics Are Emo / Scene Boys ^^, So Have Fun.! : ] xx ♥

Obsession is love - III

Hello and welcome back. Last time your "Lover" rushed to get to you and now we will see what will happen, please choose wisely. All the pictures don't belong to me. The characters and the story are all mine. Thank you for taking my quizz, thank you for supporting me ♥

Which Yandere Is For You? (Part 2)

You were captured and hidden away from the outside world. Someone comes to save you...but will it really be any better? None of the images are mine and please take the first quiz! It'll make a little more sense: Which Yandere Is For You? (Part 1)

Obsession is love - IV

Hello and welcome back. This part is really short and omg I am so sorry, but I'll bring parts for each one individually out! All the pictures don't belong to me. The characters and the story are all mine. Thank you for taking my quizz, thank you for supporting me ♥

Which Horror Movie Villain is your Boyfriend?

Have you ever wondered which horror movie villain is your boyfriend? If it is the well-mannered Hannibal Lector or the foul mouthed Freddy Krueger (Freddy:I DON'T HAVE A FOUL F****** MOUTH!).

Are you gay

This is a if you are gay quiz! Click to find out if you're really gay or not! This will solve all your problems. Have fun and like and comment too!

Your mythical boyfriend! PT 2 - little filler with long results

HEEEY PALS!~ Yeah... It's been a while, hasn't it, pals? Sooo~, I made this short quiz to straight up some things. It's made of a few obvious questions and longer stories as results. Consider this quiz as the filler because it's more like a connector between the quiz and the story-qu...

Which Slasher would be your boyfriend?

Just a short quiz (Cover image by Irishimo on deviantart)

Your Future!

Includes your future profession, kids/partner, mental state, financial state and cause of death! Sorry if I get It totally wrong, but 9 times out of 10 this quiz is incredibly accurate! :D

Your Yandere

5 guys, pick some answers and see what guy you will get
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