Which FNAF character would protect you?

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the security guard? When you thought of this did you stop and think...hey would one of the animatronics save me or protect me? Well here you will find out! Even if you never wondered, it's something fun to check out! (Original Four + Marionette)

Which Horror Movie Character Likes You?

Have you ever wanted to know what your favorite horror movie character thinks of you? Well, now you'll get to know by taking this quiz and seeing which fearsome baddie has an interest in you. Enjoy! 😉

Which FNAF Character are you Most Like?

Welcome to the world of FNaF! This is my first quiz about which character in FNaF you relate to the most!

Which IT character are you?

Travel to the town of Derry and find out which IT character you are! This quiz uses immersive IT based questions to discover which character you are truly more like. All main characters are included in this quiz.

Which Sally Face Character are you

Which character from the psycological horror game sally face are you?take this quiz to find out

Which character from Little Nightmares are you?

Deep inside the Maw, there are many creatures to be found... Which of the various residents could you be?

Which Sister Location Character Are You? (FNAF)

Hi!!! Kitty Cat here! Sorry I haven’t made a FNAF quiz since 2019, I totally forgot about it…, anyways, I hope you all like this quiz! Thank you all so much for over 700 people on “Which Dere Type Are You (Remake)” and over 1,000 takers on “Do You Know The FNAF Characters?” And “Which Character Are ...
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