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What Kind of Demon Follows You Around?

This is my first quiz so it's probably pretty bad. There are five possible results.

Which Ghost Follows You?

Just like it sounds, comes with a short story for your pleasure! Some results will be sad, all are my own creation and none of the pictures are mine.
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What ghost follows you

This quiz girl you a ghost that follows you and helps you in life

Which Demon Watches/Protects/Follows You?

These are parsley made up Demons. This may not bethe best quiz either.

What ghost follows you?

What ghost watches over you while you sleep? What will happen? Find out now...

What Ghost Follows You ?

Take The Quiz but you might get nightmaress !

What ghost follows you EVERYWHERE?

Wanna know which scary ghost is stalking you?

What spirit follows you !

If you want to find out what spirit follows you this is the 1

What ghost follows you and why


What ghost follows you?

Find out if its a nice ghost that wants to help you or a evil ghost wanting revenge!

Which ghost watches over and cares for you? Girls ONLY!

So, I personally do not believe in ghosts. That meaning this is just for fun. BUT if you would like to make an imaginary friend out of it, be my guest. Please enjoy! I do not own any of the pictures! - canyouhearit?

What ghost follows you and why?

I made up some of these ok but this quiz is pretty accurate

The Ghost Who Follows You :)

Find out who truely loves you and why he follows you :)
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