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Your Role in a Horror Film

Who would you be in a horror film? This may be offensive, as people end up dead. But it's a horror film, people are expected to end up dead.

Will You Solve The Murder?

You are an investigator working to solve the White-Eyed Murders. You will have some decisions and clues help you along the way. Choose wisely; your answers determine your fate.
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What's Your Halloween Aesthetic?

In the spirit of Halloween or whatever you're celebrating this year, I decided to make a Halloween aesthetics themed quiz as many people have told me they enjoy those types of quizzes of mine so I hope you do too :) Happy Halloween!

Who's Your Inner Monster?

Ever wondered what your inner monster is? Well, since it's halloween, now they could be lurking right behind you... or in this quiz :D

Will You Take The Mask?

A teenager approaches you at a crossroads at night, asking you to take a mask.. Will you?

What monster is obsessed with you?

Monsters are real.....and one of them has taken a.....'likeing' to you..........but which one?

Which Slasher Killer is Your Lover?

Slasher movie killers are not as mindless as you think. They are complex, interesting people and they just happen to be looking for a special someone as well. In this quiz, we'll make use of your personality to dictate which Slasher is most suited for you. And remember, I am still not a mind rea...

Will You Save Your Child?

A monster is lurking around the area. Children are going missing everyday. You're a parent, and the monster comes knocking at your door.. Will you and your child survive?

What Does Michael Myers Think of You?

He’s a killer, dangerous and calculated. What does this silent stalker think of you?

ᗩᖇe tᕼey ᒪiᔕteᑎiᑎg?

ᗩᖇe tᕼey ᒪiᔕteᑎiᑎg, tᕼey oᖴteᑎ ᗪo....
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