How much do you know about Sally Face?

WARNING- This will contain spoilers for all chapters of Sally Face. (Ad: Message me about a roleplay! Look at my profile for a list of fandoms!)

Are You Being Haunted?

Do you have a strong feeling that you're being haunted, are you just curious, or are you bored? Here's the perfect quiz for all three. Warnings: -Fear

Are you being Haunted?

Just a normal quiz to test if your house is haunted. Don't take it too seriously.

Have you seen it?

Have you seen it? Would you rather

Is your house Haunted?

! for your saftey ! do you think your house is haunted? yes? take this quiz!

What Kind Of Ghost is Haunting You?

Feel like you're being haunted...? Me too... (Please don't take this seriously lmbo)

Is Your House Haunted?

Is your house haunted? Do think it is? Hmmm... It might be. So, please, take and enjoy this quiz!

Which Famous Haunted Doll Are You?

As the title states, this quiz will determine which of the most known haunted dolls you represent the most. Warnings: -Disturbing images. -Some blood. -Fear. -Claims that even looking at images of Harold and Peggy can affect people mentally and physically. (This is likely a false claim. I have look...

Which Haunted Doll Are You?

Whether with pure intentions or spiteful determination, all haunted dolls arouse dread.
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