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How crazy are you?

Test yourself with these questions to figure out if you really are as crazy as you seem. (Questions have been used from other sites and people)
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Trigger warnings Weirdcore Death Traumacore (kinda) Silhouettes My first quiz "Enjoy"..

Are you Insane?

Ever feel like you're not normal, like you could be insane? Take this real-life quiz to see where your mental state is at when it comes to insanity. {DISCLAIMER: I'm not a medical professional}

Could you be a Psychopath?

Title! Could you be a psychopath? Take this quiz to find out! (This quiz is just for fun).

What is your personality like based off your fears?

Find out what your personality is like based off only your fears. For they can say more about you than you may think... Don't pee yourself.

The test for the insane.

It is what it says, are you truly insane, or is it in your head? Hmm?

Are you possessed?

This quiz lists symptoms of demon/spirit possession so it's pretty basic. It's -just for fun!-

Are you psycho?

Are you plain normal or a hidden monster? (This quiz is just for fun... like most quizzes on this site. Artistic license if you will. Just don't freak out.)

Which "Dark Element" pony are you?

Everyone knows that each of the mane six ponies have a dark side, so they are called "The Elements Of Insanity". These are the Tumbler versions. Results are the following: Paranoia sparkle Pinkamena Factory dash slaughter shy and Little miss Rarity. (sorry for no apple jack)ENJOY!

Why would you be placed in an insane asylum?

Did you strangle someone, did you shoot them, or was it something else that was equally insane.

Your New Asylum Patient

Something has led you to this... place. You don't know what, but you're here now. So, I guess you should see who you're paired with?

What Is Your Level Of Insanity?

We're all insane here...right? But, how insane are you really? Are you a bit insane, or very insane...who knows...we'll never find out.

How Insane are you?

Have you ever been called insane? Did you believe it? Do you want to get an answer?

Asylum Escapade

We open with you at a table in your little room. What awaits you now and in the stories to come? Well, we'll just have to see won't we? A short beginning of a pick your path from the view point of a supposedly crazy person. By picking the answers you most relate to, you control the direction...
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