Which True Criminal are you?

Which serial killer, school shooter, or criminal are you from true crime stories? Take this quiz to find out!

Which Horror Slasher are you (Includes Extra Character)

Just for fun. Get either Jason Voorhees, Micheal Myers, Freddy Krueger, Ghost Face, Chucky, Hanibal Lector, or Gehenne Dagger as a result. Let me know if i should do a seccond one for the remaining killers.

What spooky song are you?

Halloween Series Day 13 (ooooo spooky)... also I am out of my depressive episode so hopefully quizzes will improve

How Well Do You Know Serial Killer Nicknames?

Just as the title says, this is a quiz created to test your knowledge on the nicknames of some famous serial killers. Constructive criticism is welcome, and please correct me if I make any errors in the nicknames! Have a wonderful day

Do You Know Your Horror Movie Villains?

A continuation of the first quiz I made! Good luck! WARNING: This quiz contains pictures that may have blood or other violent things.

Test Your Serial Killer Knowledge

How well do you know your friendly neighborhood serial killers?

What horror movie killer are you?

Figure it out. which killer you are from the movies ranging from Jigsaw to Jason Vorhees

Do you know these serial killers?

Well..I mean... do you? (Violence warning because killers-)

What Horror Movie Character are you?

This a quiz to see what character you are

Would you die in a horror movie

This will determine if you will survive in a horror movie

do you know these serial killers?

do you know these serial killers? take this quiz and find out!

Which horror killer are you ?

Are you freddy,jason,michael,chucky,pinhead,scream,or leatherface
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