What type of demon would you be?

Giving you the type of demon you would be if you went to hell. 10 results

Can you Guess These Horror Movie Characters?

This is a test to see if you know the classic horror movie characters, if you’re not a fan of horror I wouldn’t recommend clicking on this quiz, the test doesn’t get harder or easier, it’s just a simple test showcasing horror movie characters that’s all, hope you enjoy! ^^

What monster is obsessed with you?

Monsters are real.....and one of them has taken a.....'likeing' to you..........but which one?

What Sleep Paralysis Demon Will Visit You Next?

(TW// Might be scary to some!!) Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? I know I have. Take this quiz to see who will haunt you next time it happens..... (No images used belong to me)

What Folklore Monster Protects You At Night?

Ever wondered who protects you from those under the bed and within the depths of night? Be prepared, the answers may surprise you! If there are any issues, please feel free to tell me, and I will get right on it! Enjoy!

What is your personality like based off your fears?

Find out what your personality is like based off only your fears. For they can say more about you than you may think... Don't pee yourself.

Would you survive the rain?

After receiving a text from a childhood friend, you find yourself taking a spontaneous hike through a patch of woods. (Warnings on first question and each individual result.)

Which SCP are you?

This test will provide you with the answers of which scp are you. Don't take this test too seriously it's just for fun. Thank you for reading and have a good time. ;)

What Halloween monster are you?

What Halloween monster will you be? Will you be a vampire, skeleton, werewolf, mummy, ghost, witch, or something else? Well why not find out

What Type Of Mythical Creature Would You Be?

If you were a mythical creature would you be a vampire, demon, dragon, phoenix, werewolf or unicorn?

Who are you In A Post-Apocalyptic World?

Another test regarding an apocalyptic scenario. Determine which archetype of survivor you would be when everything goes to Hell.

Your secret lover

Vampire, ghost, fallen angel, Angel, werewolf which will fall for you? LONG RESULTS

Is your house Haunted?

! for your saftey ! do you think your house is haunted? yes? take this quiz!
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