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Will You Solve The Murder?

You are an investigator working to solve the White-Eyed Murders. You will have some decisions and clues help you along the way. Choose wisely; your answers determine your fate.

Your role in a murder…

Some entertainment to determine your involvement in a murder….
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Blood Ties Part 3~

You keep hearing noises and seeing shadows... Is it real or just your imagination?..

Blood Ties Rp 4~

An Abandoned Church?... And an eerie cottage? What can be found lurking behind the trees?...

Are you the Victim or the Killer?

There was a murder last night. You where found at the crime scene. Needless to say, we have some questions to ask.

You Didn't See This Coming

Heroes don't exist. All along they were just little boys playing with wooden swords.

Deleted file. Do NOT open!

This file has been deleted from Quotev since 29-February-2012. WARNING: Opening it will result in SEVERE consequences.

Can you save your friend?

Try to save your friend from a killer, and possibly save yourself too!

How will you die?

Have you ever wondered about how you’ll die? Then dive into this quiz and find out. Be careful! If you’re easily triggered, scared, or anything then do not take this quiz. It can be seen as dark and triggering.

Accessing File 52638

You're trying to access a file that will benefit you, but you can't seem to figure it out. Will you succeed?

how well do you know your cryptids?

you will see an image of a cryptid and guess which cryptid it is also sorry if theres any spelling mistakes please let me know if you see any yes I know some of them go by different names but I'm using these ones
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