What type of demon would you be?

Giving you the type of demon you would be if you went to hell. 10 results

How long would you survive a vampire apocalypse?

Out of 12 months how long would you last if vampires took over? 🧛‍♀️ (Not based on a specific fandom)

Your mythical Boyfriend

Who are you dating? The vampire, werewolf, ghost, or angel?

Blood Ties Rp 4~

An Abandoned Church?... And an eerie cottage? What can be found lurking behind the trees?...

What supernatural being are you? (with story)

This is a quiz that will tell what kind of supernatural being you are, the answers are quit long with stories. Unfortunately this is just for girls, but if you're a guy fell welcome to play!

Mythical boyfriend ~Long story~

✖What boy is stalking you and to shy (or full of himself) to talk to you?✖ ~LONG RESULTS~ ~Made this with a friend, she wrote some of the stories. I love her she's amazing~ ♥Love you dolls♥ ~Suzy~

Your Mythical Boyfriend

Hello Lovelies.! ♥ So This Is A Mythical Boyfriend Quiz ^^ Like , Vampire ,Demon , Ghost , Etc. ^^ This Is My First Quiz , So Bare With Me If Its Bad ^^ This Is For Everyone , I Guess ^^ ,Also , The Pics Are Emo / Scene Boys ^^, So Have Fun.! : ] xx ♥

What Mythical Creature are you?

All in the title! :D This is my first quiz, so sorry if it might look a little rushed. (Images are not mine)

Who is Your Saviour of The Night?

Danger lurks through the night. Alone, who will be your saviour? *Disclaimer: I own none of the pictures*

What Mythical hidden eyes do you have?

More than 4 results possible +⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️!

Mythical School Life

We all know you want to take the quiz. So take it.

Which Supernatural Creature are you really?

Which Supernatural creature are you? Are you a Mermaid? Or perhaps a Vampire like me? What about a Werewolf or a Ghost? You could even be an Angel... Or a Demon? Or maybe even a Witch or Wizard?

What Type Of Mythical Creature Would You Be?

If you were a mythical creature would you be a vampire, demon, dragon, phoenix, werewolf or unicorn?
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