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Fervent Proximity

Be careful with the choices you make... They twist and tangle the thread of fate to entwine you together. So when the string of fate have been stretched, frayed, then finally severed, what will be left of it? None mattered to them because all they care is You, yOu, yoU. [Long answers] [CW: Yandere-...

Solitude for perpetuity

You’re doomed to an eternity of isolation.
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Which Yandere Is For You? (Part 1)

It all begins with one night...who's the one you've enraptured? None of the images used are mine and there's a Part 2: Which Yandere Is For You? (Part 2)

Blood Ties Part 2~

It's your first day of grade 11. News about unidentified killings? What or...Who could it be? WARNING: Cussing and Bloody Themes

Blood Ties Part 3~

You keep hearing noises and seeing shadows... Is it real or just your imagination?..

Were they able to kill you?

This is a work of pure fiction not reality calm down. Adios~

Can You Guess the Horror Movie Based off of Its Movie Poster?

In this quiz, you must look at horror movie posters and see if you know what movie they go along with. It may be a bit difficult, however. I wish you luck ~ (I do not own any of the posters within this quiz)

What is your personality like based off your fears?

Find out what your personality is like based off only your fears. For they can say more about you than you may think... Don't pee yourself.

Which Yandere Is For You? (Part 2)

You were captured and hidden away from the outside world. Someone comes to save you...but will it really be any better? None of the images are mine and please take the first quiz! It'll make a little more sense: Which Yandere Is For You? (Part 1)

Which Horror Film Character Trope Are You?

6 exciting, poorly-written results with run-on sentences! Stock photos with every result!! Possibly the stupidest personality quiz you will ever take in your life!!! Mediocre accuracy GUARANTEED!!! So grab your popcorn and hatchet and take this quiz, or don't, either way.

Let go

You’ve reached the end. What is the next step?

What Hannibal character are you?

Ever wondered what character you would be from NBC's Hannibal? Or maybe you just want to take a fun Quiz? Well, here is an appropriate place to look!

Solve The Murder! || Illusion

Welcome back, detective. Today you'll be figuring out who murdered a local bar owner.

Guess The Horror Icon

How many of these iconic horror villains can you name? 💀⛏🗡⚰🏹🎃


how can you run if you are tied to a chair?
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