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Can You Guess the Horror Movie Based off of Its Movie Poster?

In this quiz, you must look at horror movie posters and see if you know what movie they go along with. It may be a bit difficult, however. I wish you luck ~ (I do not own any of the posters within this quiz)
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What Does Ghostface Think of You?

Such a humorous man Ghostface is, wanting nothing more then to have fun. What does this wacko think of you?

What Does Leatherface Think of You?

Rescued by Luda Mae as a little boy, and then turned into a killer. What does he think of you?

Guess That Horror Slasher

This is a quiz where you will guess a lot of things related to horror films and the killers in the films.

Name these CLASSIC Horror Movie Characters

Can you name these classic horror villains and victims? The movies range from 1930s-1980s.

Do People Believe In Your Stories of Horror Movies?

If you're a fan and an expert on horror movies, then you must have a high chance of surviving and getting out of risky situations to avoid becoming a victim to the murders and demonic killer clowns and toys. But, you also love to tell your stories of horror films to everyone and sharing with the...

What horror movie character are you?

Find out what horror movie character you are! Not just slashers, but more! ✌🏻

What Slasher Horror Movie Should you Watch

I made this for fun lawl just answer the questions and i will tell you what movie you resonate the most with and would probably enjoy the most. -_- i know not EVERY slasher movie in existence is on this list, but you'll find the results to be very descriptive!
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