Do You Know Your Animals?

See if you know as much about animals as you think you do. Enjoy.

Working Group Dogs

Practice quiz for dog breeds in the working group! Made this for vet tech class :3

How much do YOU know about Global Warming?

Plz do this and plz follow. Don't look up answers. I have searched up the questions I put in here, bc I am learning too. We r all works in progress. Enjoy, and make sure to reduce your carbon footprint!

Non-Sporting Group Dogs

Dogs from the non-sporting group! Practice for vet tech class

Toy Group Dogs

Dogs in the toy group! Practice for vet tech class

General Knowledge Test

A general knowledge quiz testing your knowledge on subjects like math and science, as well as some questions about places and animals around the world. It is quite difficult in my opinion, but i hope you have fun taking it anyway :)

What Mutated Animal Will You get to take Care of in a Lab?

You are an animal caretaker in a lab, but lately mutated animals have been coming in and it's your job to care for one of them.