What type of engineer should you be?

Engineers build the future in many different ways! Take this quiz to determine what engineering field is right for you.

Medical College Admission Test

This will touch about 1.4% of what will be presented on the actual MCAT. Some examples include, Human/Micro/Molecular/Diagnostic Biology. In addition, there will be some Bio/Inorganic/Organic/General Chemistry.

Chemisty: Metals and Metal Compounds

I made this quiz to help me revise for my exams, because I learnt teaching others teaches you! This quiz is specifically on Metal and Metal Compounds

Medical College Admission Test (2)

This is another practice test; this will only cover 1.4% of material: biochemistry, organic chemistry, physiology, and some code of ethics. (I apologize if this quiz was too easy. These were just topics from my MCAT study notes.)

Scientific Laws and Variables

This quiz tests your knowledge on scientific laws, predictions, hypotheses, and control - Variables incluing independent variables, dependent variables, control variables, fair tests, accuracy and precision, approximate results, and analysis.

Thermodynamics Pt. 1

A small 20 question quiz about basics of thermodynamics. Topics this quiz covers: types and properties of a system, functions, thermodynamic state of system, thermodynamic processes, thermodynamic equilibrium, and work. Hope you do well!

Scientists and their Inventions: Part one

Covers: Luigi Galvani Alessandro Volta Hans Oersted Michael Faraday Nikola Tesla Their inventions/ discoveries, when they discovered them, and the result of said discoveries.

SI Units and Unit Conversions

Today's quiz includes: SI Units - What they are - The units that involve them. Conversion of units including: Temperature: Celsius int Fahrenheit Fahrenheit into Celsius Celsius into Kelvin Length: Miles into Kilometres Yards into metres Feet into Miles Inches into Centimetres Area: S...

Do You Know Everything?

This is a test to see if you are smart like a college student! If you get 100% you are as smart as albert einstein!