Do You Know Your Computers?

Every other "computer literacy" quiz on here is BS, so I thought I'd make one that actually had proper questions and answers. This one's for the nerds. PS, if someone finds a mistake on this test, please be sure to remark on it to It would be greatly appreci...

How well do you know computers?

Find out how well you know computers.

The Technolan Chart

What are your tech-related preferences placed on the Political Compass? Do you support user freedom? What about developer freedom? PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOES NOT CORRELATE AT ALL WITH POLITICAL IDEOLOGY.

Computer Hardware

How much do you know about computer hardware?

PC gamer test

Are you a knowledgeable gamer? An aesthete? Can you call yourself "PC master race"? The questions will be serious, the results won't! P.S. might be difficult. Have fun!

Be a Hacker

You work for the CIA. You just do all the computer/technical stuff, but you don't mind, because computers are your passion. One day, the CIA shows up at your door and takes you to the basement of a hacker, one who committed suicide right before arrest. You are instructed to hack into his compute...

How Computer Savvy are you?

See how much you really know about computers.

Computer Abbreviation Quiz

Since computers showed up in our lives, English language has gained a lot of abbreviations.How well do you know these computer abbreviations like HTML,WWW,etc. Play this Quiz Good luck! by Sevil Oğuz

What version of OS X are you?

You have always wondered what ersion of the operating System for Apple Mac computers Match your personality? Now you can find out!