History time!

This quiz will test your deep knowledge in history

General Knowledge Test

A general knowledge quiz testing your knowledge on subjects like math and science, as well as some questions about places and animals around the world. It is quite difficult in my opinion, but i hope you have fun taking it anyway :)

The history of science quiz

Do you know about the scientists who shaped our history? Find out in this quiz about discoveries, inventions and the people who made them. Also I'll recommend a science book with each result.

Science and history type stuff-how much of this do you know?

Um, this is my first quiz so... prepare to be amazed! How much of this stuff do you know? Well, I guess we'll find out in a minute.

Which Inventor Are You Like?

With Benedict Cumberatch' s new movie "Current Wars" Satunine and I (Ziminiar) banded together to to bring you the memes, the history, and the tech!

Part 4) The Child of Primus: I’ve been Saved from a Con!

Recap: You turned into a robot in your sleep. Now you have to figure out the history of Primus’ daughter and get use to this new body. Which now makes you, a target of deceptive robots. + This is Transformers Robots in Disguise x Primus’Child!Reader + Authors Note 1. Transformers Robots in Disguis...

What's your impossible mission ?

It's more based on imagination than "SECRET MISSION" :) again you're a special person to do sth that can change the history

How Smart are you (Grade 8 Intermediate Version 1)

This test includes 21 questions where you have to solve equations, or do a bit of history and science, this consists of most Grade 8 work ranging from Math all the way to History and Science. These include very hard questions at the intermediate Grade 8 level version 1. (Almost a Grade 9-10 level)

Time 4 life - part 1

Escaping of the laboratory and punching that scientific were the first things you thought when you wake up. but these weird looking guys doesn't look like scientists at all... This is my first history here so i hope you will enjoy it :)