Accessing File 52638

You're trying to access a file that will benefit you, but you can't seem to figure it out. Will you succeed?

What mutant are you

You chose your fate human or mutant its all in our hands chose to ask questions and sign that paper you are winter and springs now..

The end. I think...

Please first do the quizzes called "log in:CA5" and "the void" before doing this one. They can be found on my profile.

Log in: CA5

Now has a sequel called "The Void"

The void

Please first do the quiz on my profile called "Log in: CA5". Has a sequel called "The end, I think". Enjoy


The Second Test Prepare. Answer Wisely.

The Events At Northwood City (TEANC)

Welcome to this horror / mystery / sci-fi CYOA. Here, you are an ex-ghost hunter living in the quiet city of Northwood. However, things are getting stranger by the second… If the answers are faulty, please contact me. Trigger warning: Blood, gory details, violence, death.