What planet are you?

Some people assign certain traits to different people regarding the plants in our solar system. I have done something similar, but adding the bit of “fun” factor to the mix :) Hope you enjoy!

II Which Planet resembles You II

Ever wanted to know which planet resembled u? or just bored? then have fun taking this quiz O^O

How much do you know about the planets?

We all know about earth, but how much do you know about the other planets in our solar system?

What Planet/Moon/Star are you?

Is that a bird? Is that plane? NO! It's the Moon! Lol! Anyways you know the Solar System right? Well, instead of (ME) joking around, I want YOU to take this quiz because I don't know what to say anymore! Anyway, enjoy the quiz!

Neptune Quiz

How much do you know about Neptune? Find out in this quiz!