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How well do you know MLB mascots?

Almost every sports team has their own mascot. Take the ultimate test to see how well you know the MLB mascots from both the National and American League. (This is my first test so I hope it's ok)

What New England Patriots Player are you?

From MLB to QB, which player are you most like on the New England Patriots Roster.
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Are you A Russian, Chinese, Or American Gymnast?

Hi Guys, It's Gigi! Today, I Have A Simple Personality Test That Will Determine Whether Your A Russian, Chinese, Or American Gymnast?

Which NFL Quaterback are you

Find wot quaterback you are most like..?

What NFL WR are you?

Quiz to show what NFL player you most like

What kind of American Football player are you?

Ever wondered where you would best be fitted for in a game of football?

What NFL player are you

What American footballer are you

Do you have what it takes to be a football player?

Just some questions that might explain if you do have what it takes

Can You Make It to the NFL

Do you have what it takes to be apart of The NFL

Football Quiz

The HARDEST American football questions I could find.

Which NFL Team are you?

What american football team are you?
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