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Would you make the cheer team?

Are you trying out for the cheer team and you just really dont know if you would make it or not? Well then take this quiz!
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What is Your Cheerleading Position?

Are you a flyer, base, backspot, or four-corner-spotter? IMPORTANT: This quiz is like 90% personality. So if you don't think you have the body type for the position that you got then that's why.

What Tumbling are you?

Im making a series of quizzes about cheer: what tumbling are you, what stunt are you, what jump are you, what should your new uniform be, what bow should be yours, would you make a good flyer, and are you all-star cheer or school cheer! so if u like this quiz check those out too once i make them.

Which position are you in for a stunt?

Based on your choices, I will determine whether you are a flyer, base or back spot (:

Can you Cheer?

Can you cheer? Take this quiz to find out if you know what you're talking about when it comes to cheerleading

What part of a mount are you?

Figure out what you will be in a cheerleading mount!

What body position are you?

Ok, so this is my first quiz! I really hope you guys like it! Are you a needle, scorp, bow and arrow, or heel stretch?

How much do you know about cheerleading.

Mainly for competition cheerleaders. to see how much you really know about your sport!

What Level All-Star Cheerleading Would You Make?

Time to take the test and see if you have what it takes to be on an All-Star Cheerleading team!

How Much Do You Know About Cheerleading~

Are you a cheer expert or a wannabe find out here

Are you a true competitive cheerleader?

This quiz is for anyone, but mostly competitive cheerleaders! *Competitive cheerleading is a sport.*
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