Are you a good hunter of Artemis?

Are you a loyal huntress? do you have potential to be lieutenant?Take the quiz to find out!

What game animal are you?(hunting)

In this quiz you get to see what game animalyou are

Ghost Hunting 101

Test Your Knowledge About Ghost Hunting?

How good of a hunter are you?

This tells you if your a great hunter or the worst

Which Winchester are you?

Which Winchester are you? If you're curious, take the quiz and find out.

Would you survive if James was hunting you?

James is hunting you! would you survive? find out!

How much do you know about hound hunting?

To see how much you know bout hound hunting

Big Game Hunting

Do you have what it takes to hunt in the wilderness? Let's see what trophy you bring in. *UPDATED* PS. If you like this game, please try my other game, "The Magical Fishing Game."

Are you a good 'online' Treasure Hunter?

Ok I'm sure you have had something like an 'internet treasure hunt' in school right? Well this one is a little easier... it's all on one website. How well can YOU find things online? Please comment and rate, thanks.

What point deer are you?

Find out if your the small spike or the big monster!

What kind of hunter are you?

How you hunt why you hunt and what weapon you use.
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