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What's your Olympic sport?

Out of the 28 Olympic events, what one will you be in?

What Medal Would You Get in the Olympics?

This will determine what medal in the Olympics you will get by your sports skills. Don't lie, because all the answers are good. I left a few sports out.
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How well do you know gymnastics

I do gymnastics myself so i know a lot about it. please do quiz

what champion island team are you in?

a quiz to show you what team you are in for champion island

What's your Olympic aquatic sport?

Out of the four aquatic Olympic sports, which one whould you be in?

Whats your gymnastics move?

What gymnastics move best describes you?

What sport would you play in the Olympics?

Hi this quiz determines what sport you should play in the Olympics!

Could You Become An Olympic Gymnast?

Will You Have What It Takes To Become An Olympic Gymnast? Take This Quiz And Find Out!

Covid-19 Olympics

The picture is completely random, deal with it.

Which canadian Olympic Winter Games athlete are you?

Take this short quiz to find out which athlete (and vitaminwater flavour) you most identify with.

What winter olympics country are you?

USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, denamrk, iceland, UK, china.

Make it or break it

Payson Keeler, Kaylie Cruz, Lauren Tanner, Kelly Parker, and Jordan Randall are all grown up and have children, who are you in the next generation of champions?

How much do you know about the Olympics?

So, how much do you know about the Olympics?

Would you win an award in the olympics?

The olympics are on television and I started wondering would be able to win the olympics? Well now it is your time to find out!
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