Choose some outfits and I'll give you a miraculous Boyfriend!

Who has a crush on you? From Miraculous ladybug! Do you know? It could be Adrien too 😏 so see that who has a crush on you!!!

Who is your Miraculous boyfriend/girlfriend?

Ever wondered which Miraculous character is in love with you? Take this quiz to find out. This is suitable for everyone! 🐞

Who is your gravity falls boyfriend/girlfriend

This is a quiz to see who you would date from gravity falls by kitcatkalico ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Would Noah Schnapp Date You?

I dont really see many Noah Schnapp Quizzes on Quotev so I decided to make one <3

Which MLP character should you date?

Which MLP main-character should you date? (Instead of asking generic questions such as, 'What is your favorite colour?' You'll be asked more realistic dating questions.)
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