pick an image from some of the collections i follow on whi (weheartit) and get a riverdale girl

choose a picture of an item (or quote, or whatever) from the collections i follow on 'we heart it' (i will give credit ofc) and get either cheryl, toni, betty, or veronica!

Quanto conosci riverdale?

Grazie a una persona che me l'ha consigliato♥️🙃, spero vi piaccia😘

Build Your Riverdale Life

This is girls only for now, but I will hopefully work on adding males to it at some point!

Which teen TV show high school do you belong in?

Hawkins, Riverdale, Rosewood, Mckinley, Grant, Mystic Falls, or Liberty high. which should you enroll to?

Quanto assomigli a Cheryl Blossom di Riverdale?

Un quiz su Cheryl Blossom di Riverdale

Riverdale Life (my own oc's) (long results)

These are my own ocs and there are long results

pick an image from every aesthetic i could find and get a riverdale girl

basically choose an image that reflects who u are, or that u can relate to from the aesthetics i could find, and u'll end up getting either betty, veronica, cheryl, or toni!
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