Miraculous Ladybug [Life]

Whether with the purest intents or the most powerful abilities, the city of Paris wouldn't be complete without their favorite protagonist.

Who's your Creepypasta mate? (50 POSSIBLE RESULTS)

The most accurate and comprehensive Creepypasta lover quiz yet. Results include: Masky, Hoodie, Slenderman, Ticci Toby, Kate the Chaser, Judge Angels, Nurse Ann, Jeff the Killer, Locklear, The Pianist, BEN drowned, Offenderman, Puppeteer, Jane the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Pinkamena, Slenderwoman, Jacob...

Which Gem Would Fall In Love With You?

Find out which gem would have a crush on you! Possible answers: Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Rose! Have fun! (Cover art by nixipixel on Devianart)

Your Walking Dead Life ~Girls Only~

Find out what your Walking Dead life will be like! Find out your story!

Your Life In Grey's Anatomy

Congratulations, you have just been accepted into Seattle Grace's Surgical Intern Program. Here, you will learn from the best to be the best; some of you will succeed, some of you will not. Find out if you have what it takes to compete with Meredith, Cristina, and Alex to earn a coveted spot at ...

Which TMNT boy has a crush on you?

I know this is the second TMNT quiz I've made since I started a couple months ago, but... no mind! Anyway, have you ever wondered which of the cute turtle boys likes you? Maybe you've caught one's eye, or all four's! And then again, maybe you'll be the one they just like as a fri...

Does Carl Grimes love you?

Does Carl Grimes love you, hate you, or just see you as a friend?

Your Merlin life

Find out what your life would be like if you lived in ✨Camelot✨ Find out who would be your boyfriend, what your job would be, and what you would look like! This is just for fun and not that accurate. Only for girls sorry! (You can still take this quiz if your not a girl, but the pronoun's are a...

Mlb Quiz

This is just to test your knowledge on mlb characters
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