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Which Simpson character are you most like?

Ever wondered which Simpson character you're most like? Take this quiz and find out!

The Ultimate Simpsons Quiz!

Let's see how much you know about the Simpsons!
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Which favorite villains of mine loves you the most

Here is another quiz. It is an interesting one. Out of a lot of my villains on the list, I am sticking with 10 here. Out of the 10 villains in my favorite list, which ones adore you? Find out your results~

Who Are You Most Like from the Simpsons?

Out of Lisa, Bart, Marge, and Homer Simpson, who are you most like?

Are you a Cecil Terwilliger fangirl?

Seeing as I made one of these tests for his brother and two other Simpsons villains, I made one for this gorgeous, sweet but psycho character. Enjoy!

who's your Simpsons badboy?

see who would be your Simpsons badboy! With a short and probably sucky imagine with each result

are you a fat Tony fangirl?

I made these quizzes for the other two Simpsons badguys (Mr Burns and sideshow Bob) so i made this one to find out whether are indeed a fangirl for the mobster

Are you a Mr Burns fangirl?

Do you ever find yourself getting hot and bothered over the perfectness that is Monty Burns? Then find out whether you're a fangirl for him or not

How much do you know about the Simpsons?

To know or not to know, that's the question. Click to answer

Who are you to Mr Burns?

Which role do you play in the life of Monty Burns?

Simpsons Trivia

Because I've been binging The Simpsons lately. If you are bored, here is a Simpsons trivia I have put together. Questions range from "So easy even Homer knows the answer" to "Hard".
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