Which Pearl are you?

! UPDATED ! This quiz is to determine which Pearl out of the four you are. I am including all of the Diamond's Pearl's in here! (because I have to have all the pearls in here of course)

What Type Of Gem Are You? (Steven Universe)

Note, this is to see what TYPE of gem you are, not which known gem you are! So results aren't going to necessarily be identical to the Crystal Gems of that type, because they are all rebels of their gem types! Let's see if you are you a pearl, peridot, lapis, amethyst, rose quartz, ruby or a...

Choose some Steven Universe memes and I’ll give you a cat

No memes are mine, I found them all on the internet. For the results none of the cat photos are mine, except for one. So credit to whoever made the memes and took the photos. And one last thing.....have fun!

Which Gem Would Fall In Love With You?

Find out which gem would have a crush on you! Possible answers: Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Rose! Have fun! (Cover art by nixipixel on Devianart)

Ship or rip

No offence to people who thinks ships ruin the community.

Does Peridot approve of you?

Here’s a Steven Universe quiz for y’all! ;3

Steven Universe Personality Quiz - Your Gem Placement!

This quiz was created based on a Steven Universe fan theory that the placement of one's gem correlates directly with their personality. Therefore, this quiz asks the quiz takers a various amount of personality questions to discover their Gem placement! This information can be used to create OCs ...
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