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What would your number be aboard the Infinity Train?

Welcome aboard, new passenger! I'm your conductor, One-One. Once you wipe those groggy little peepers, you'll probably have a lot of questions, like...Where am I? Why am I here? Are snacks provided? For those of you talking to me like I'm there in real life, I'm not! I'm a cold, ...
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Which Regular Show Character are you?

Which character from Regular Show are you? (rip regular show 2009-2017)

Which Powerpuff Girl are you?

Remember these cute & cuddly butt-kicking crime fighters? Take my quiz to see who you would've been :)

which powerpuff girl r u :3

hardcore addition >:3 [fine print: by entering this quiz you consent for me to go awf on u]

What Ninjago villain are you?

See what ninjago villain you are, includes villains from seasons 1-6. So if you haven't seen season 6 don't take this quiz.

Which We Bare Bears bear are you?

Are you more like Pan-Pan, Grizz, or Ice Bear? Find out! Sorry if this is bad and short haha...

Guess the World Of Gumball character!

Do you know world of gumball well? Prove it by taking this quiz!
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