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What would your number be aboard the Infinity Train?

Welcome aboard, new passenger! I'm your conductor, One-One. Once you wipe those groggy little peepers, you'll probably have a lot of questions, like...Where am I? Why am I here? Are snacks provided? For those of you talking to me like I'm there in real life, I'm not! I'm a cold, ...
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Which Regular Show Character are you?

Which character from Regular Show are you? (rip regular show 2009-2017)

Which Powerpuff Girl are you?

Remember these cute & cuddly butt-kicking crime fighters? Take my quiz to see who you would've been :)

What Ninjago villain are you?

See what ninjago villain you are, includes villains from seasons 1-6. So if you haven't seen season 6 don't take this quiz.

Your Cartoon Network Kiss

Obvious title but if you're one with imagination you would take this quiz. WARNING: I'm an amateur quiz maker

Guess the Cartoon Character (Hard)

Including cartoons from Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, Discovery Kids, PBS, and probably more (: Also please don't comment the answers thanks.

Which gem power would you use? (Not gem weapon!)

Find out which gem power you would use! This does not include gem weapons! Possible answers: kinesis, healing powers, bubbling, shapeshifting, and future vision! Enjoy! Cover at by lovebonbe on Pintrest

Which Total Drama Girl Would You Marry?

Total Drama version of my "Which ___________ Would You Marry?" series. I decided to start simple with merely certain select girls from the Total Drama series and will possibly add more girls at some point. (In the meantime, feel free to PM ideas for their answers as well as additional questi...

Which Gem Associates Well With You?

[Might contain spoilers] This quiz is merely all in the title! This quiz consists of almost every gem in the entire series, no including Stevonnie, the Diamonds, and every corrupted gem except for Centipeetle. If I did all of that, there would be way too many results. But I am very hopeful you enjoy...

Which Clone High Character are you?

Ever remember that historically inaccurate cartoon on MTV called Clone High? Well, if you do, take this quiz to see which character you are!

Which Popular Cartoon Is Perfect For You?

Results include pretty much every cartoon I can think of that contains a sizable and dedicated fandom. Also, a few of my less popular favorites. This means there are A LOT of results. Enjoy!
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