Which Supernatural Character would be your best friend

Find out which supernatural character is your bestfriend features Dean, Sam, Cas, Jack, Crowley, Lucifer, and Chuck.

Supernatural Life Quiz

Wanna know what it’s like to join the hunt? Save people, hunt things, the family business? Come find out! (Season 15 spoilers included)

What Dean Winchester Thinks Of You

If you are interested in finding out what the hell Dean Winchester could possibly think of you, here's the right place to go!

Hunting alongside Winchesters (-RP)

Will Squirrel and Moose accept your offer to join the team? And if yes, are you strong enough to stand against the King of Hell himself? Let's find out. ;) !Long story, long results! Don't take it seriously, please. (Used pictures aren't mine, the cover image is made by me using screensh...

Do you belong among Winchesters? (-RP)

Spent a regular hunt with Winchester boys and find out if they would work with you. ;) ! Long story, long results! Don't take it seriously, I just did it for fun. Hope you'll like it. (Used pictures aren't mine, the cover image is made by me using screenshots from the series, credits to ...

Which 'Supernatural' Future will you have?

This quiz will try to get as close your 'Supernatural' based future as possible. All characters are created/from the TV show Supernatural :)

Supernatural Super Quiz!

A supernatural quiz that only the best fans will get 100% (Or the best cheaters) Well however you choose to go about it have fun and don't stick around to long.

Are You a Man of Letters or a Hunter?

In the Supernatural world, there are two major categories of monster control. The Men of Letters and the Hunters. Men of Letters are loyal to the code, while the Hunters are loyal to each other. Which of these two groups would you fall into?
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