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Your Once Upon A Time Life. (long Results)

What's Your story? Find out your love, friendships and Enimies In your Once Upon A time Life..... Find out Your backstory and your time in storybrooke.

Your Once Upon a Time Life (Long Results)

What would your story be? Which characters would you know? How would you end up in Storybrooke? Would you have a true love? Warning: most results in this quiz DO NOT COME WITH A TRUE LOVE, but a couple do. And also, two results are based directly on lesser-known fairy tales, but with a Once twist. H...
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Who Are Your OUAT Parents?

Want to know who your parents are in Once Upon a Time? Then take and enjoy. There are six results, including 'Hook and Emma' and 'Robin and Regina'.

What fandom do you belong in?

Are you in Teen wolf,Once upon a time,Grimm,Maze runner,Divergent,Hunger games,Fault in our stars or Harry Potter? Take this quiz to find out!

Your Once Upon a Time Character and More

Includes a lot of the female characters. Only for girls, unless you're a guy who wants a girl result. The results include your outfit, quote, gown, and more.

Would you rather: OUAT version

Hi! Enjoy this would you rather quiz- this time, your answers will be compared to mine (i couldnt do that with the last one 'cause i couldnt figure out the setting lmao). thanks for taking this quiz :) -swanjackdeen
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