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Your Once Upon A Time Life. (long Results)

What's Your story? Find out your love, friendships and Enimies In your Once Upon A time Life..... Find out Your backstory and your time in storybrooke.

Your Once Upon a Time Life (Long Results)

What would your story be? Which characters would you know? How would you end up in Storybrooke? Would you have a true love? Warning: most results in this quiz DO NOT COME WITH A TRUE LOVE, but a couple do. And also, two results are based directly on lesser-known fairy tales, but with a Once twist. H...
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Who Are Your OUAT Parents?

Want to know who your parents are in Once Upon a Time? Then take and enjoy. There are six results, including 'Hook and Emma' and 'Robin and Regina'.

Your Once Upon a Time Character and More

Includes a lot of the female characters. Only for girls, unless you're a guy who wants a girl result. The results include your outfit, quote, gown, and more.

What fandom do you belong in?

Are you in Teen wolf,Once upon a time,Grimm,Maze runner,Divergent,Hunger games,Fault in our stars or Harry Potter? Take this quiz to find out!

Once Upon A Time boyfriend

I made this quiz for my friend, that's why it's only six of all the men in the show. She wanted to know her boyfriend out of her favorites! But feel free to try it out you too!

What does Pan think of you?

Girls only! Boys can take it as well but all answers will be girls!

Your evil/sassy tv show or movie soulmate!

Some random people from movies and tv shows that I love! I know some of them aren't evil but they might have been counted as someone evil at some part during the movie/show or else they are just really sassy!

Would you rather: OUAT version

Hi! Enjoy this would you rather quiz- this time, your answers will be compared to mine (i couldnt do that with the last one 'cause i couldnt figure out the setting lmao). thanks for taking this quiz :) -swanjackdeen
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