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Which Fantasy Archetype Are You?

Ever wondered which fantastical character you'd be in a story? Hopefully, these 13 questions help you find your fantasy character archetype! 12 possible results.

What Are You The God/Goddess Of?

In-Marvel/Norse mythology What are you the god/goddess of? Take this quiz to find out!

What Fantasy World Do You Belong In? *Loads of Results*

↞✶☽◦✵◦☾✶↠ If this world didn't exists, which fantasy world would you live in? The magical island of Neverland or the Adventurous universe of Marvel? The logical world of Baker Street or the Mad realm of Wonderland? Take this quiz to find out where you belong. Many results including Umbrella Acad...

What Supernatural creature would you be?

[Updated into 30 supernatural creature results] This quiz isn't accurate and was made for fun. Do not hate if you didn't got your favorite. If you saw grammar mistakes tell me about them nicely and I will fix them.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Quiz

Do you like ladybug and cat Noir then try my test you won't be dissapointed.

What My Babysitter’s A Vampire character are you?

Want to know which My Babysitter’s A Vampire character you are? Take the quiz and find out!

Which TMNT 2003 Character Are You?

Which TMNT 2003 character are you like the most? Take this personality quiz to find out!

Your Vampire Diaries Life

Create your vampire diaries life, long results and pictures.

Which Clone High Character Are You?

A lil' quiz I made in honor of the Reboot that is in the works! Suggestions are always welcomed, and comments are appreciated!

What Coven Do You Belong In?

Ever asked yourself what coven you would be in in the Owl House? Take this quiz to find which of main covens you belong in, better yet find out if you are fit for the Emperor’s Coven